Thornbury u3a

Welcome to u3a Thornbury

Welcome to u3a Thornbury, South Gloucestershire!
u3a Thornbury is an organisation where retired or semi-retired people can meet like-minded people to share educational, creative and leisure activities to expand their knowledge, share interests and acquire new skills. We are a self-governing organisation of almost 1500 members working under the umbrella of "The Third Age Trust" and share the common philosophy, aims and objectives of the parent organisation.

Members organise their own activities in self-help interest groups of which there are currently about 80. There are opportunities to keep your mind and body active, keep interests alive, develop new skills, explore new horizons, and meet new people. These group activities are summarised in the Groups page.

We produce a quarterly newsletter with general and group updates but for more information, look through this web site or email us using the Contact page.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the Membership Secretary here: Membership Secretary who will give you further details or click the link below to join now - annual membership costs £6 for one person, £12 for joint membership. You are allowed to attend two Group Meetings as a guest to see if it is what you want, before we ask you to become a member.

We look forward to meeting you.