Thornbury u3a


If you have a query relating to your existing membership then you need to log on to Beacon
- the same applies if you are a group leader needing to access your group membership details
But if you have a website query then you are already in the right general place

Beacon is an on-line system for managing U3A Membership and Groups. It is used by over five hundred U3A's around the UK including u3a Thornbury.

Using Beacon gives us the opportunity for members to keep their own address information up-to-date and to renew their membership on-line using a credit or debit card. However, for those who don't have internet access or prefer not to pay on-line, the traditional methods can still be used.

Beacon is a separate website to this one - it is not an integral part of this website but is used to form one part of your overall membership experience. If you use the Beacon Portal link at the foot of this message you will be transferred to the Beacon membership system and looking at the data held there.

For All Thornbury U3A Members

You can amend your own personal details such as address, telephone number, email etc. without involving anyone else. If you have registered to use Beacon then log in with your email address and password. Click here to access the Beacon Members Portal.

If you have not yet registered then click on this Beacon for Members link. This opens the Beacon Guide document.  Follow the instructions to connect to Beacon and then go to page 3 for instructions on how to create your password.

If you do not know your membership number or are having problems, click Membership Enquiry to send a message for help.

For Group Leaders

Your Group Leader website author access credentials are totally different from your Beacon Group Leader access credentials. We have put most of the group membership details on Beacon. If you are a Group Leader you can be given a username and password so you can log in. This is different from your individual member access as above and will allow you to do the following:

  • see who are members of the group
  • limit the numbers in the group and enable a waiting list
  • see if group members have paid their subs
  • have access to group member's telephone number & home address and you don’t have to be informed if any of these details are changed
  • send emails to selected group members or to all the group
  • see which group members are not on email
  • if there is more than one Group Leader, you all access the same list of group members
  • if the Group Leader changes, the list of group members is immediately available to the new Leader

Group Leaders not using Beacon are encouraged to contact Stephen Wells (you can click Beacon Administrator to email us) and we can set up your login.